The History of 76® LUBRICANTS

The iconic 76 ball may first come to mind when you think of our brand, but our history of creating products that customers trust to help their cars run reliably goes back more than 100 years.


Union Oil of California, also known as Unocal, opened its first Union Gas station in 1913. It was one of the first gas stations in the United States.


As this photo from a race at the San Diego Expo shows, we have been helping drivers at the racetrack achieve automotive excellence for more than a century.


Union Oil launched 76 brand gasoline in Southern California in 1932, and it didn’t take long for it to become a popular product in the region. Union 76 stations became more and more of a common sight in Southern California and beyond.


To ensure that visits to Union 76 gas stations were as pleasant as possible, the company instituted the Sparkle Corps, an expertly trained team of women who would inspect stations to ensure that they were in top condition.


The advertising director Ray Pedersen was the mind behind making a ball out of the Union 76 logo. The design quickly became associated with the brand, and at one point, there were more than 3,200 gas stations around the United States that featured the iconic orange-and-blue rotating ball.


Located in Brea, California, Union Oil Research was where scientists and engineers would work to improve the quality of the company’s oil and gasoline. At 76 LUBRICANTS, we’re dedicated to the same sense of innovation that inspired these researchers.


76 LUBRICANTS officially launches in Japan. We are informed by the brand’s long history, infused with the spirit of California, and driven to make nothing but the highest-quality products.


We launch our first product for motorcycles: 76 LUBRICANTS 4T 10W-40. This new addition to our lineup allows us to help even more drivers do what they want to do and go where they want to go with their vehicles.

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