Our Story

76® LUBRICANTS is about getting you to the places where you need to go, in style.

We’re a brand that has its roots in California. It’s a place where inventions, businesses, and social movements are born. It’s a place where people dream big and follow their dreams. It’s a place where you can almost feel freedom blowing in the wind.

Our products are all inspired by everything that makes California what it is, and we’re proud to share our quality products infused with this spirit with our customers in Japan.

A Tradition of Excellence

You count on your car. At 76, we know that you trust us to keep it running smoothly. And we respect that trust.

Ever since we developed our first lubricants over 90 years ago in Brea, California, we have been making engine oils that deliver the highest performance and protection. Drivers on the race track and drivers on city streets have been trusting 76 for decades.

The scientists who developed our engine oils have carefully balanced a mix of multi-functional chemistries to create products that are designed to meet the latest requirements for fuel efficiency and to lubricate, protect, and clean your engine as you drive.

Whether you drive a new car or an older car, you can trust 76 will keep its engine running reliably and efficiently for years to come. So you can be free to get going with all the things you want to do.

Our History

Our Values


We are dedicated to providing our customers with products that they know that they can trust. From the research that goes into formulating our engine oil to the rigorous testing that we perform to make sure that it will keep your car running well even in challenging conditions, we insist on excellence at every step.


Our goal is to help you get where you want to go, in style. Our heritage began in a place where freedom is a way of life, and 76’s aim is to share that sense of freedom with our customers. Life is an open road, and we’re here to help you drive it.


What good is an adventure without someone to share it with? We believe that our products can help bring people together—whether that means taking a holiday trip, visiting a new hiking spot, or just going on a weekend drive with the family.